How to Backup iPad Music to PC - Transfer Music to PC

As we all know, before the appearance of iPad manager, iPad users have to use iTunes as an intermediary to recognize the files on iPad. What's worse, you have to download iTunes software before your exportation. These complex procedures will not only consume a lot of your precious time but also made you crazy. Nevertheless, powerful and wonderful software shows up. It is iPad Manager. You can use it to transfer or backup music, videos and photos as you like. Using iPad manager to back up your music, you will find how easy it is to transfer or back up music from iPad to computer. Believe me, iPad Manager will show you a comfortable life.

How to Backup iPad Music to PC?

Step I: Download the iPad manager software on line freely, then install and run it. Then an interface will pop up like this.


Step II: Connect your iPad to your computer.

Step III: Backup your music to computer.

Click "Music" on the left file list and check the music you want to restore on your computer.

On the bottom, you will see five buttons. Click the fourth button to restore the music you choose. Finally, click "OK" to finish your backup.


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