How to Transfer Music from PC to iPad - Transfer Music to iPad

For young people, listening to music over taking a walk seems more and more popular. Besides, portable iPad also catch the eyes of most people. Thus, using iPad to listen to music becomes fashionable. There is no denying that transferring music from PC to iPad quickly and easily becomes a hot topic. Then what is the quickest way? Of course, you can use iTunes to realize it, but it complex, time-consuming and tiresome. Is there another suitable way? iPad Manager. With it, you can transfer music from PC to iPad and transfer videos, pictures, and E-book as well. The following paragraph mainly deals with how to transfer music from PC to iPad.

How to Transfer Music from PC to iPad?

Step I:Download iPad Manager Software on your computer, install and run it. An interface pops up like this.interface

Step II: Have your iPad and PC connected.

Step III: Transfer Music

1. Click "Music" in the left Device Node, then Click to choose the music to add in the dialog box that opens, and import them to your device.
2. Also, you can convert music to iPad compatible audio formats and then import them to iPad directly. click "Convert Video/Audio" node, and then you will see the below interface.

Choose the iPad compatible audio formats from the Profile drop-down list, and then click "Convert to Devices" button to convert music and transfer music to iPad directly.


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